Marketing, Sales and Customer Service

Since Client Buying Cycle Experience has become Essential inside a Social Multichannel Context, Client begins to prospect a new purchase and after the final transaction is done, customer contact Service department in order to solve a question to feel that is interacting with a Single One Organization; However, many Companies fail to offer a coherent and unified Customer experience, and  Responsibility lies, largely split between these three Departments.

There was a time when there were three different departments: Sales, Customer Service and Marketing. The first two were the only ones who were in direct contact with consumers, while marketers are limited to design and produce content and advertising. They worked separately and perhaps worked well. But it is no longer the case: in the multichannel context age, each department interacts with customers at different points of the buying process, and the company still believes to get only one image besides is giving to customers three different ones. Each department has its own objectives and ways of working, but they should be able to work together to provide the best possible customer experience. It is essential to do so, remove the focus from the individual channel performance (featuring the achievement of goals by departments, for example) and bet on structuring the organization in a holistic manner. And so is that gaps are quikly detected by consumers, especially through channels such social networks, where company errors are very obvious.

IMG_20151118_164358[1]More and more people use Facebook or Twitter as a way to request information, claim or even perform a reservation or purchase. The usual result is hours-while waiting for a department interacts with the other-or, directly, any response. Not to mention the number of times a customer receives an online response contradicts the subsequently received in the store.

More information about buying habits.

Companies should stop seeing the customer buying process as a set of small interactions happen to see it as a whole, which would allow not only a better understanding of consumers and their consumption habits, but above all provide a better experience, involving a continuous walk and not stumble. This requires different equipment combine to create a comprehensive strategy that completely transform marketing, sales and customer service.

A better understanding of consumer habits, because they tend to think that, with new technologies, just collect, and analyze data across buyers and their purchases. Although these patterns are essential, they do not offer a complete picture: lack of emotional factor. In contrast, when the customer interacts with an employee of any of these departments, it can access your thoughts and emotions, and together, can draw fresh full purchase cycle. Something that will never make companies that maintain these three departments in watertight worlds.

Collaboration is essential both to attract new customers and retain them.

Marketing Buying Cycle is not a new term, but now, with the rise of Internet and multi-channel processes, when companies begin to be aware of its importance. The idea is very simple, but no less powerful: Company should focus on helping the consumer at every stage of the buying process, putting the customer at the focus of all the decisions, to anticipate his needs and respond to them.

By closing the marketing buying cycle companies not only are able to acquire more customers, but  can customize the messages for greater customer retention for the same. There is a need for full cooperation between different teams: Sales, Marketing and Customer Service multiplying communication and avoiding allocation wars of task or resources.


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