Falling consumer: Keys to make love bloom brands… Service?

In a world where reaching consumers is becoming more and more difficult and in which keeping growing customers relationships are more complicated, brands are beginning to realize that to add increasing value with emotional relations established with consumers is more and more convenient.

Companies want to become Lovemarks, brands for which consumers feel love and that, therefore, have become more than just an element of the shopping cart.

Reasons why companies wish to become into lovemarks are so clear and are closely linked to their market position, but in the lovemarks way to establish itself seems very complicated. What firms have done? There is no other way than organic, whatever it is, to enter the consumer heart? There is no secret formula and you can not force the consumers to love a product by making use of ad spending, but companies themselves can follow a certain number of tips for cross next to the emotional and moving towards conversion lovemark.


Good Customer Service

Providing good customer service is one of the elements that are usually recommended when trying to create the best conditions for reaching consumers. The pluses that companies get in your brand image with this reality are very high: A consumers will see many more favorably to a company that is able to address them in a good and positive way. But the truth is that agood customer service not only makes consumers feel good at the time of purchase, but also has an effect emotional that leads the buyer feel tied to the firm at a level that goes far beyond the simple fact of exchange trading.

The road to “want” to make, how it treats its consumers have much to say about it.

You only have to see how the latest matches directly to firms that have managed to become lovemarks within the world of technology and behave which therefore they have a much shorter life than other brands. They have managed to establish emotional bonds with consumers very little time. How they have done? The secret is, in part, in its concern for the customer and the service they are offering. Think about Amazon or Zappos, two firms that have established very close links with consumers in ecommerce. Service sales and how to present it bought its consumers (Amazon has a packaging that makes it easy to remove the product) They make consumers feel more comfortable.

Unique and differential good customer experience doesn’t need to be the only working thing nor the only thing to waste energy with. Truth is that companies have to work hard on how they relate to customers and create memorable experiences.

Lovemarks always permit, either way, a unique experience, make consuming its products and services is something different. Customer experience becomes, in fact, part of its charm. Take an example of the tourism industry. What does that evoke consumer the names of the big old hotels and luxury trains like Orient Express? A name immediately sensations and emotions arising from the fact they are associated access, power using their services, generate hardly repeatable experiences and marked by elements that make them unique and exceptional.


And explains in his book Lovemarks Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi and the creator of the concept, the mystery is a part quite important when emocinal establish a relationship with consumers and brands must have a certain point, So mysterious. Does cultivating the mystery being intrusive to the work of the media or make things that are thrown into the world they are so dark? No. The mystery has nothing to do with giving him a touch of Victorian crime novel to the position of the mark. “Working with the essential attributes of Lovemarks” Roberts writes, “Mystery is the most powerful.” “As people have aspirations, goals and dreams always aspire to the mystery. Who has heard of someone who craves? Statistical data?“ he adds. Mystery is therefore know how to play with elements to create more dynamic as it literary, more worthy of history to the brand. The mystery is what that makes it unique, which triggers curiosity. Mystery, Roberts says, the magazine Visionaire, that single out three or four times a year and It has a limited and exclusive edition.

A good Storytelling

Are the brands that have a bland story or as so limited in its way to the consumer infatuation? Brands that manage to arouse emotions are behind a good story, a memorable story that goes back in time and manages to connect with the consumer as well.

The truth is, however, need not be a surprising element and a fanciful origins have to be able to tell a cool story. No need to be a medieval monk who discovered the recipe for the drink or that the secret of this cream be a secret ingredient handed down from mother to daughter in the Far East to get through it have a story to tell. All of them are valid histories, the only thing is to know how to tell them.

Story must be Close and must be Integral

On way to establish an emotional connection with consumers is to become intact and transparent. Consumers do not establish emotional relationships (or at least no positive emotional relations) with those who deceive you withhold information or manipulating the environment in which they move.

Brands must remain intact as they have to make information to easily flow by remaining closed to the consumer.

EGA is registered as 14.302 Engineer at COITIM


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