It’s in your Hands. Get Focused Properly!

Focus  ­­­≡ ­­Following One Course of action Until Succeed

IMG_20150723_151819If I have to choose a word I have remarked this year would be this one: “FOCUS”; If you are focused On, you can get everything you propose. If something in common with successful people is the ability to Focus. Whether this takes relevance for me is simple, it is my workhorse, and i apply every day to meet: Create new habits seem simple, but it may not be easy. This year, part of my effort has been devoted to create new habits that allow me to create  my Vision for my Life and Business and all Projects that I’ve tried to hands On. By creating new Habits last year I have been those of exercising regularly. The key is to be part of a routine so that you exercise more often better everyday. I’ve been trying hard to add value by translating an old seminar that I’d like to make Public In future and Is actually consuming 50% of my time. I’ll be ready soon and you will be the first to know.IMG_20150723_151253I’ve achieved 100%: No! The all or nothing perfectionism has led me in the past crop up leaving things to the minimum error. Now, if I fail one day, I try to continue to do it worse the next one. If I’ve missed sone week a year. My phrase to myself is, “Yes, Today is the best day to pick up.”

If you’re like me, with a high propensity to get excited with many projects, eager to learn and discover, you can have a tendency to dispersarte. That’s why the Focus emphasis is related to habits and routines.


I conclude this post with the answer given to me by my friend Manuel when I asked: What is your secret to successfully complete all those big projects you propose? Manuel is Industrial Engineer and Administrator, who is a concern since I know to undertake his own projects. Here his answer:

· Remain Up to date at last. That gives you the ability to do in less time which allows someone who’s not updated to take at least one month. So you can see it as an “Investment of Time”


· Perfection: The objective of doing something is forget about it and not to touch it anymore. That means is perfect.

· When Quality and Comfort are rivals, always wins comfort. Picking 99% of cases, programmers choose comfort. If you want to be good choose Quality.

· The greatest Quality of a system administrator is being weird by aproaching to paste his previous job. Being vage is what will give you more work. Automates.

And you, Where you put your Focus On? Do you Focus Effectively?

EGA is registered as 14,302 Engineer at C.O.I.T.I.Madrid



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