Green Digital Marketing: Make your Business More Respectful

Every time we talk over Green Marketing, Organic Marketing or Ecological marketing, where we can find many definitions of it, but the Green Marketing should be an example to be applied for 100% of companies, thinking about how they can be more friendly to the global environment their different contexts and in different phases, and an increasing number of these phases are more and more Digital depending.

Consumers are increasingly their conscious about protecting  everything that surrounds us, with good doing things with care in the correct way, and we expect that companies do the same, which opens a new field in marketing, but focused on their digital mix.

Digital technology has made us change our behavior as consumers, frequencies and ultimately rebuild procurement processes where digital intervenes in making purchasing decisions, from consultation comments on particular product online platforms to integrate with offline by implementation of showrooming, ie visit physical stores to test products and services and then buy them in online platforms.

How your brand can be Green?

This is the critical point in the company, get to answer this question for our business, so that first analyzes your business philosophy and sincerely all rely on the following questions:

Do you invest in improving your business processes to be more environmentally friendly?
Is your company completely transparent to the client and their employees?
Your mission, vision and values that you defined initially are what are really being implemented?

Any Green Company should be responsible and consistent with everything, not only with questions regarding to the environment, but by making reference to their customers, their suppliers, their employees, in short, is respectful throughout its life-cycles?

You can rely on digital technology to be creating kits digital press, making digital notifications rather than on paper, making organic its company-car, officially communicating that your company is investing certain % of its budget to transform itself into a Green Brand, caring brand image that you convey:


It defines a new business objective, being a Green Brand, which will strengthen the reputation of your company which will affect the decision making of customers and therefore sales.

This article has been published in Digital Marketing News, and you can download in PDF from here. It was also tagged as Green Brand, Green Digital Marketing, Green Marketing by Juan Merodio

Have you already established a strategy to become a Green Brand?


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