Spanish Engineering World Presence

Our country has advanced tecnology in many sectors, enabling our companies to be present in more than 85 countries on five continents, leading large international projects that make the Spanish brand especially valued.
Spanish companies and spanish technicians, especially in the engineering field, architecture and civil engineering, are leading the Engineering Internationalization in the whole world.

Spain has come to become among the ten most industrialized countries of the world, but the divestments carried out in certain sectors (nuclear, iron and steel, shipbuilding), added by the long economic crisis that all of us are experiencing, has made Spain to fall to the thirteen post between the most industrialized countries, ahead of Australia.

This has meant that, today, the industrial sector in spanish country only represents just 15% of GDP, even after many years of neglect, both the European Commission and Spanish government recently have projects to concrete conversions plans to achieve the target of 20% of GDP in 2020. Also, according to IMF forecasts, in the coming years there will be changes in the global ranking of industrialized countries, from China to be the world’s largest economy while Spain will be relegated to the sixteenth position.
However, despite these circumstances and issues founded in project implementation as relevants as the Panama Chanel one, or the High Speed Train to Mecca (diversions deadlines or cost overruns), which have eroded the prestige of some of the Spanish companies who led consortium building, Spanish branding is present in almost all continents and occupies a world leading position in almost all engineering areas. Spain is still having Industrial Factories to lead this sector, thanks to the enormous effort made in R&D&i. It has been placed in an advantageous position compared to the rest of the world.


Today, six Spanish companies are among the ten major infrastructure construction in the world. In between the ten most emblematic international projects, seven have been granted by Spanish companies and 37% of major transport concessions are managed firms in the country in Latin America, US, Europe, Asia and Africa. Latin America deserves a special mention as it has been for the economic crisis salvation for construction firms or Spanish Engineering Companies, since there has been bottlenecks counters that has suffered the public works in spanish country. Only during last year 2014 Spanish infrastructure construction Projects were worthy awarded in this region with nearly 20,000 M €. (35,000 M € in International works contracts).
Nowadays you can find Spanish firms firmly established and providing different services anywhere in the world and in any industrial activity (civil, environment, architecture, energy, automation) although those that offers greater possibilities for professional and business development of Industrial Engineers are RES, Civil Infrastructures and Automotive.
By way of example and very schematically, I would like to expose some data prepared by the government of Spain (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) on Spain and International brand projection of our Engineering and other strategic sectors.


#SOLAR PV #Energy & #Solar CSP.-
Spain occupies the third place in Europe in terms of installed capacity and the fourth in the world, tied with US. Our country has the world leader In CSP installed capacity with 1,950 MW, existing plants in commercial operation for the four available technologies: Tower, Parabolic Trough, Fresnel, Discs. 73% of the global projects of this type are performed by Spanish companies. Abengoa is a clear example with the Solucar Project. as the Pioneer In North field tower plants, or the Solana project in Arizona.# 475 MTons of CO2 Emissions Eliminated Each Year

Gila Bend, Arizona, U.S.A. 280 MW gross

We do not know the long-term impact that the slowdown will have been given to the development of this type of energy that has to be a basic pillar of progress towards a new economy of low CO2 consumption in the world.

Spain is the first country in Europe in wind power generation and fourth in the world by installed capacity: 22,986 GW in 2014.

#Quality #Standardization #In #O&M #Industrial #Processes: #Key #Factors 4 #Wind #Power #Energy #Sector

Spain is the European Leader In Wind Power Generation in the world and is present In the US, Latin America, India, South Korea and Australia.
Although Spain still have no Offshore Wind farms in its country, spain is leading Onshore technology and have built, deployed and developed the largest offshore wind farms in the world in the UK, France and Germany.
Regarding Wind Turbines and New State of the Art Aero-Generators, Spain Is the 4th largest manufacturer, GAMESA Is the 1st company In Deployed Power with more than 30 GW. The 6th company worldwide in deployed power, among other Spanish companies such as TECNALIA,INGETEAM, NAVANTIA R&D participation, global competitor against bigger international leading companies. Finally note that the first RES world producer is also Spain.

Spain is the 3rd country in the European Union In Deployed Hydroelectric Power (13,226 MW) having companies to manufacture durable goods for those plants.

Spanish Biomass Companies ranks 6th in the World In Biomass Production.

One of the largest producers of biodiesel & bioethanol on a global scale, and the only one in the world with presence in the three major markets of this biofuels sector (USA, EU, and Brazil) is the Spanish company Abengoa. According to the ENR Contractors International, ABEINSA Abengoa is the 1st company in the world in the Cogeneration rank, also the 1st EPC Contractor In Solar Energy among the five companies in the world in Operation & Maintenance activities.


The first three companies in the world transport infrastructure management by number of highway concessions, railways, airports or seaports in construction or operation, in October 2012, as ranked by the magazine industry benchmark worldwide Public Works Financing, are: ACS, FCC and ABERTIS, respectively. Among the three manage 37% of transport concessions in the world, being the first global operator ABERTIS in the field of motorway concessions.

One of the largest projects of infrastructures In Europe, the construction of two tunnels and its accesses and the new London Farrington’s busiest station In UK, built by Ferrovial, entirely Spanish company. Meanwhile, Isolux Corsán manages over 1,500 km of Highways and 500 km In Electrical Transmission lines in India, where is one of the most important companies in the sector.
At the airport organization, AENA is the world leader In passengers, with 194 million passengers recorded at 2011, followed at a distance by Port Authority. By volume of air traffic Spain is the third country in Europe. The Spanish company Indra, with Spanish technology, manages 100% of the airspace of Germany and 60% of the Chilean Sky; Indra also manages security and public transport development networks of over 100 cities worldwide.


The Panama Channel Construction Site, one of the greatest jobs In International Civil Engineering, is performed by Sacyr consnsortium led by Spanish company Sacyr. In this project, another Spanish company Indra has become an important technology partner, responsible for implementing an integrated access control and security, vessel detection system, the entire system communications technology, detection systems and extinguishing fire, public address, evacuation, and a system of environmental sensors to the third set of locks of the Panama Channel.

The T2A Heathrow Terminal at Heathrow Airport, the greenest one In Europe, which will enable a great reduction of 40% In CO2 emissions from the previously existing building, is also built by a company called FERROVIAL, another previously mentioned Spanish Company.
The world leader in hospital construction is the Spanish OHL, which builds two of the most technologically advanced hospitals in the world, Montreal Hospital Center and development center of SIDRA In Qatar center.
TYPSA, through its Brazilian subsidiary Engecorps performs engineering the central third of the world’s largest hydropower plant. Belo Monte in Brazil, with a Power capacity of 11,233 MW.

Desalination plants with the biggest capacity in Europe and the third in the world has been possible thanks to Acciona Agua an Engineering Spanish company and most sewage treatment plant in the world in México.
The longest tunnel in the world, with fifty seven km in length, Gotthard (Switzerland), has been built by FCC, with one of ten longest deployed bridges of the world: Wrocclaw in Poland, has been built by ACCIONA, and one of the longest bridges with steel cables In the world, Ting-Kau in Hong Kong, also been built by ACCIONA.


Spain is an undisputed world leader in this field, a global technology powerhouse. The Spanish railway sector is present on five continents. Spain has the second largest broadband network in the world and the first in Europe. Spanish signaling or “señaléctica” has become the European standard.
The Spanish railway technology applied to high-speed infrastructures is a world leader and undisputed power. A Spanish-Saudi consortium that Talgo, ADIF, INECO, OHL and COBRA is building the TGV MECA-MEDINA, a project that involves the construction, operation and maintenance of the railway line over a period of twelve years.
In the construction of the high speed line between Ankara and Istanbul, in Turkey, moreover they participated Spanish companies OHL, CAF and Thales.


The Spanish aerospace industry ranks fifth in Europe in terms of turnover, with a high investment intensity in R+D+i through EADS. This European multinational owns Airbus, one of the two largest manufacturers of commercial airliners in the world.
Spain is the seventh satellite manufacturing power and the European leader in space programs. At present, participates in Mars mission with instruments to determine the habitability of the planet inside the “Mars Curiosity” probe
The Spanish company Indra is one of the companies worldwide reference in flight simulation, leading projects such as simulators of the Eurofighter and helicopter simulators for Eurocopter and Augusta Westland manufacturers, it is also a leading company in Europe in technology for the ground segment special systems, and some of its products, such as satellite communications systems, are world leaders.
Our country is also participating in the EUROCOPTER program, which is a global leader in civil helicopters.


NAVANTIA is among the five leading designers of military vessels worldwide, being present in over 25 countries, especially Australia, Brazil, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Algeria, and participating in major international projects. His designs of frigates, destroyers and AircraftCarriers, with advanced technology and high added value have enabled major international contracts awarded, among which is noteworthy for its recent news destroyers and transport ships for the Royal Australian Navy.


Spain is the second largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in Europe and twelfth worldwide. Vehicles made in Spain are exported to over 130 countries. Spain has a brand automotive SEAT (Spanish Society of Motor Cars). It is the 1st commercial vehicle manufacturer in Europe.
Given its high competitiveness, both in manufacturing and in the components sector, Spain is one of the few countries in the world where they are installed in most multinationals, with seventeen production plants from nine Industrial Groups.
The Spanish company SEAT was the winner in 2008 and 2009 Championship World Touring Car Championship (WTCC)
The Spanish components Industry is sixth in the world and third in Europe. Spanish companies of components in Leadership positions at global and European level with high R&D investment. Industry components we are the first manufacturer in the world automotive coatings and wheel trims.
In this sector include components Gestamp, a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of systems and metal assemblies for the automotive (body, chassis and mechanisms), with ninety four production plants and twelve R&D nineteen countries.
Antolin, first manufacturer worldwide group gives roof coatings and a world leader in the development, design and manufacture of interior components for the automotive industry 8techos, doors, seats and lighting).
Zanini, the world’s leading manufacturer of wheel trims penetration in manufacturing wheel rims in China and India in 2014, and other automotive components.
Ficosa, world’s leading manufacturer of mirrors in the field of Commercial vehicles.
In addition to these sectors, Spanish companies also hold Leadership Positions In Information Technology and Telecommunication Technologies for HealthCare, Environment and Sustainability Technologies well as Machinery or Tools.

Translation from original article “La presencia de la Ingeniería española en el mundo” by FRANCISCO J. GUTIERREZ LÓPEZ, Ingeniero Técnico Industrial y Máster en PRL en tres especialidades. Interventor de la Junta de Gobierno del COITIM, publicado en el Boletín Informativo nº 235 (June 2015) del Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Técnicos Industriales de Madrid.
NOTE: Data provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.


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