Dear Quality Manager and Quality Production Team Leader:


Delivering Quality and Responsive Service is Vital While dealing with Durable Goods Inside Industrial Environments.

As my resume indicates, I have worked in Customer Services for more than fifteen years, I’ve been dealing and working with Calypso over my last three years with a little 2­µm. Uncertainty handling several Carl Zeiss 3D-CMM such us Eclipse 550, PMC-VAST-XT and Prismo VAST; CNC-programming, measuring Customer Work-Pieces and reporting All measurements Inside the Blue-Prints were my common tasks as Metrologist so you won’t have to incur into great expenses while training me.

I would be very grateful if you could pease let me show you my Interest in the “Metrologist” position that was recently posted Inside “” as I think I would be a perfect fit for this position. Between my achieved goals I’ve deployed the 1st  < 1µ SACC-PRISMO CMM In Spain under Hern Hofman & Mr. López Mora SuperVision Inside BOSCH Quality-Room at BOSCH Aranjuez Factory, later on In the actually non-existent Alcalá de Henares’es BOSCH factory where I personally gave a little application instruction to four metrology professionals includingr Measure-Fit and Measure-Mind software packages over an OGP-Vision 3D-CMMs. Also I’m used to deal with Go-NoGo, AµM, EµM, Alexometers & Analog-Hardware to evaluate Customer’s WPs specs: that’s means TQM, that is not easy to achieve!

I´m sure my commitment with durable goods, design project skills and also my patient, persistence and perseverance will let me to be able, fulfill and successfully face up any future challenge that the “Metrologist” position will require In future.

Additionally, I offer excellent analytical abilities and strong problem-solving skills. These qualities, combined with my flexibility and dedication, should enable me to make a good contribution to our customers if shared this great opportunity. Is my wish to hold a little interview with you and lengthen any wonder you could have regarding my CV

 My availability is actually Inmediately.

BIEMH-2006 Gagemax, Prismo Std and Scanmax Unloading&Installation

Looking forward to hearing your positive feedback soon

EGA: Registered COITIMadrid Engineer 14,302


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