An Industrial SME, an Engineer

Besides getting more competitiveness than big groups, Industrial SMEs are Up to become the new International market Leaders.

I do firmly rejoice the idea that any other engineer like me that have left two working years abroad has to exit to any other country in order to search new job opportunities. It was hard to me to leave my own country and my family just because I couldn’t get a good job in the same land where I’been studying and living for a while.

The great Spanish industry is currently very competitive and, as shown, you just have to look in key sectors such as automotive or petrochemical, among others. In this achievement, no doubt, have decisively influenced the major reforms undertaken by the Government. However, according to the Ministry of Industry, of the 205.682 spanish companies , meanwhile 99.6% are SMEs. Of these industrial SMEs, 37.6% are micro-enterprises with no employees; 48% are micro-enterprises with 1-9 employees; 11.8% small businesses with 10-49 employees, and 2.2%, medium with 50-249 workers. Only 0.4% of companies Industrial have more than 250 employees.

However, micro and small enterprises 1-49 employees have a fundamental  growth issue. This problem is simply a lack of competitiveness, derived the difficult access to Innovation and product development, organizing, lanning, production, etc. In these areas is essential the role of engineers, who are the ones on which all can directly transfer the potential  companies needs to develop, grow and Innovate. And it is where i ask that all necessary steps that are to be taken to facilitate the recruitment of engineers inside small spanish industries.

Besides getting an increase in competitiveness industrial SMEs, I do firmly rejoice that our Engineers have to go to other countries in search of employment opportunities, and when they do it on their own will and according to the objectives that are set each freely. Spanish companies are needing Engineers and Engineers are needing a chance.

Spanish Industrial Engineering has grown from the fourth profession to the relevant second of today’s. This is certainly a clear indication of positive evolution for economy. But even so, still not enough to meet the engineering labor demands. Among other actions, COGITI has developed an international mobility plan, but not to facilitate the exporting engineering demand that is further increasingly higher, this would not work, that’s why COGITI have developed a plan to go back, consistent in keeping the engineers fully informed of the new emerging opportunities in our country. Therefore, we have to work to return these opportunities that are much more and better in order to facilitate the return of highly trained spanish human capital.

In this context, one of the strengths on which I work is precisely that engineers generate their own opportunities through entrepreneurship and the implementation of innovative initiatives. And this is really needed to embrace our Social Responsibility.

I am very sad by the shocking figures of young unemployment. But if something hurts even more is the check the high degree of resignation that often spreads among graduates waiting for the situation to change. And what annoys me is that where i have to put all my momentum, to pass on the confidence they need and that they can be themselves to assume the role of transformation and growth. I say PhD and I’ve been trying to make it possible for a While, that is with all due to respect, please, lose that PhD fear, we are all Workers! I do it on purpose.


And so I was transferred to young engineers visited in Spanish universities. And there are various forms of doctorate: one is through the university, but another equally important is the result of the experience after a business challenge or professional, whatever its outcome, but we will accompany you throughout your life.

But focusing on the university level, Spain has made academic integration in the European Higher education, which certainly facilitates mobility worldwide, but in contrast to the model remains in Spain since the nineteenth century in some professions. It is understandable Two centuries later, and the concept of globalization in which we are immersed, still exist two levels Professional, which, moreover, is almost worldwide unprecedented; nor is the huge professional segmentation, solely based on the concept of use and not on technical training or professional competition.

I  think that now is the time to take that leap of modernity to remove those barriers that make us to be less competitive than other engineers at European level world. And that, without undermining any one of the rights acquired by current professionals, we can come together to the  implemented models that remains professional qualification by professional associations. Here, of course, with the special role of continuing professional development (experience & training) throughout life, which in turn results be a basic goal in European policy to achieve improving employability, mobility and competitiveness. Something that is precisely in Spain very needy.

EGA is Ernesto Guillamo Altozano ia Industrial Engineer and Renewables and Environment Master by Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Control ETSIDI(UPM).


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