While measuring Inches…

Real-time monitoring for Metrology environments is a need that all Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) metrologist operator is willing to get access to. We’ll see, environment factors like vibration, temperature, humidity, crash notifications and coordinate measuring machine (CMM) status – all in one convenient place are the most important factors that can have influence on your results.

Connecting and monitoring your CMM like never before is a real need that any metrologist is willing to achieve, and to interact with it tis not so easy and intuitive as possible. All-new ways to select, navigate and consume vital machine environmental statistics that are ideally suited to today’s fast-paced lean manufacturing conditions is a must.

HUBDesign to ensure data integrity while also improving safety and security in modern shop-floor inspection conditions, sensornetwork connections to record variations in temperature, vibration and humidity in the vicinity of your CMM equipment status alerts and crash notifications, to create a central dashboard of information for operators to access at any time is the aim of any CMM operator who desires to get the job ready In the right time and to offer to your customers truly registered conditions In the report of your measuring.

Background Graphic concept through an entirely new yet immediately familiar design while you’ll be able to easily understand the information presented from the moment you open the dashboard! This is nowadays a wish, to interface feels amazingly fresh, visually reminiscent of what you’re used to seeing in modern consumer technology, simple iconography and touch gestures that already come naturally. Navigation is fluid and responsive and the arrangement is simple and orderly in virtually no time.

PhotoCourtesy: HxGN

Hexagon present an alternative solution with customizable sensor packages. MMS PULSE is built to know your environment better. The CMM is your metrology hub for collecting data about your manufacturing and inspection processes, and MMS PULSE is designed to support these quality control processes throughout the day. It provides a comprehensive picture of your inspection activities, suggests optimal measurement efficiencies and provides actionable information for your quality environment. Let’s try if they can make an offer.

Pi-Web is another way to get ready printouts in just a few clicks. But the heart of your Control-room is your CMMs and thus, the bottleneck of your production results. If the CMM stops then your entire workshop-team will require your measurements anyhow, by means of analog measurement hardware instruments to be sure immediately if they are working properly or not.


In this point I would like to make a difference between to Calibrate and to Certificate any measuring instrument you can have, anyway: By means of external Calibration Services or Internal cheaper methods to guarantee your customer requirements.

A Certification meets an OEM or customer spec while a Calibration adjust a CMM to bring it back to OEM or customer spec, then is time to check if OEM requirements are within specs after the maintenance, adjustments or customer care is made. Some considerations on this issue are in ISO 10360 or B89 standards but basically are almost the same or differs in a few concepts P-Test (Sphere) Length test including volumetrics, TPH,TLP,THN or PLN for scanning or Repeatability (Sphere) LDA, Ball bar forr accuracy, Bi-directional(Gage Blocks), 3D-Alpha(RT).

Trainings, procedures to achieve proficiency to fulfil scope of calculations are then required to meet OEM or customer specs. Client is always free to choose his own evaluation methodology:

Top 2 Pros


· 5 test to measure geometry and probehead-system
· additional TVE test to de-rate CMM environment conditions


+ only 2 tests to check repeatability: sphere test and length / volumetric and bidirectional measurements.
+ 3 more additional tests to checkout the probehead scanning capabilities

Top 2 Cons


· No provision to test scanning probehead capabilities
· More equipment to perform a long test time


+ No provision to de-rate CMM for the environment. Customer must meet manufacturer’s environment conditions as hourly/daily/meter temperature gradients.
+ 66% of the CMM’s longest diagonal ball bar or gage block lenght is then required just as per the ISO 10360 standard states that this is the correct way

ISO 10360-4 standard is for scanning probe heads.
Ball bars are used in B89 standard, meanwhile stepgage is used for both ISO 10360-2 & B89 4.1 LDA

Lasertracer is a less time consumption Solution to decrease Uncertainties than hiring LASER  per hours  that is used to compensate CMM volumetric errors before performing an LDA with B89.

Temperature fluctuation or vibrations from workshop can make a CMM go out of calibration or certification.

– CMM is spanding and contracting inside a continuously changing environment, thus CMM’s geometry is continuously moving, within the mechanical pitch and jaw, straightness or linear and squareness compensation constant software corrections remains. Vibrations can produce air probings while CNC programs are running or helps bolts to be loosened increasing repeatability issues. That is why an interim check is important as a “kugelplate”. Interim checks allow customer confidence.
For instance if the air conditioner or the air-pressure falls and fails, the whole working-team is unable to check their workpieces.


CMMs are durable goods that shouldn’t stop while the work-shop is still working!

Ernesto Guillamo Altozano is an Industrial Engineer and Renewables and Environment Master by Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Control professorship by ETSIDI(UPM).


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