While measuring Inches

There are countless questions about whether leaders are born or made. I see, someone with the desire and willingness to work can become a great leader. At the same time there are certain characteristics or qualities that are vital in leaders, namely:


1 .- Enthusiasm

“Even if I knew that the world would end tomorrow, just plant my apple tree.”

— Martin L. King ~

Those who are successful leaders are enthusiastic and optimistic. They know that maybe not everyone share all their ideas, which may not have all the skills or knowledge they need. However, they are very positive and know there is a solution to the obstacles encountered, just need to find it. One of the real benefits of being enthusiastic and positive is that it is contagious. The enthusiasm with an ability to illuminate the internal light. For inspiration, enthusiasm, vigor, growth, contagion, which generates, its complement, perseverance, keep the flame alive.
What do you prefer a leader who is optimistic and positive, or a leader who is negative and pessimistic?

For the primary motivation is wanting to know what you want, which begins at 4 “L” to which education should aim: Learning to be, Learning to learn, Learning to do and Learning to live together. Hence arise the four “E” Learning to undertake from the power of stimulation, Enthusiasm, Energy, Excellence, Effort

To develop enthusiasm must have a clear goal. The feeling is not subject to reason but to action. So you need to start driving, and do it now. The accompanying moods who mobilized. Must be appropriate to excite enthusiasm, and transform it into action. There is no worse than the attempt fails. This power is growing self-knowledge. This spiritual power is produced, which move in the lane to the brain generates creative ideas.

2 .- Integrity

“It’s always the right time to do the right thing.”

— Martin Luther ~

Personal integrity is the second key characteristic of leadership. Leaders with integrity set the standard in terms of expectations of how they conduct themselves and how others behave. Another way to see the professional integrity. Professionalism is the sum of the values inherent in a profession, for instance:

– Vocation or altruism (social over economic).
– Discipline and subordination of the individual and his interests to the rules established by the community.
– Competition, which includes the group of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the performance of the profession.
– Commitment.

Integrity is the foundation of character. A person who has integrity also has an unblemished character in all areas of your life. Success is really about self-evaluation. Always be willing to improve things in your life that need improvement, and the things you are doing well, make them even better! This sets a great example that others will Follow.

Dr. H. James Harrington: “Measurement is the first step That leads to control and Eventually to improvement.

If You Can not measure something, you Can not Understand it. If you can not understand it, You can not control it. If you can not control it, You Can not Improve it. summarized inside a quote from QC’s father “The one who does not measure can not Improve.” Joseph_Juran

3 .- Courage 

“Courage. Starting the day with this word, and following with faith in God, you will get to where you need it.”

— Paulo Coelho ~

If you study the success of autobiographies of people can identify a continuing trend, and they were all people with courage. They are willing to go and try things and take risks. You, are you willing to take risks?

Courage awaken in you the very essence of creative power, courage is not being afraid to experiment, is not afraid to stand out from the crowd and be different. It’s something you should consider if you plan to move forward, overcome and achieve success that yearn. It also requires having the strength and conviction to follow his conscience. A powerful way to cultivate the interior presence of courage is to choose a model that represents the qualities of courage, strength and vitality. That person could be a character in a movie, a book, a historical life or person you admire. To incorporate these features, close your eyes each day and includes the power quality that appeals to you this person, knowing that the same potential for life is within you.

4 .- Good Judgement

“To see clearly enough to change the direction of gaze.”

— Antoine de Saint Exupery ~

While leaders are brave are not reckless. They carefully analyzed the pros and cons in certain situations and take risks balanced. The wisdom has to do with making the best decision you can with the information you have available. To me, this encompasses many qualities and attributes. A leader has discretion when it comes to understanding their impact on others, and have the right balance between empathy and objectivity. Empathy means literally “suffering inside,” ability of a person to understand and participate in affective and emotional reality of others”.

It´s the process of understanding and appreciation of emotions and positions of others. To put it in simpler terms, means “step into the shoes of others.” To increase empathy, you must start with yourself.
Paying close attention to your emotional state, noting the situations in which change their emotions, what leads to positive emotions and negative emotions?. Interact with a wide range of people. Look for similarities between you and the others. Think taking into account the other’s perspective.

emotions?. Interact with a wide range of people. Look for similarities between you and the others. Think taking into account the other’s perspective.

5 .- Be tough but fair

“Justice without force is negligible, the force without justice is tyranny.”

— Blaise Pascal ~

Leaders recognize that they can not be popular all the time. They know they need to make difficult decisions from time to time. They take difficult decisions and at the same time try to act fairly. Leadership characteristics takes time to be developed, then, What leadership characteristics could you start working with to achieve greater success?

Honestly, I think we can all achieve success, dreams and desires. It’s just a matter of always walk forward and do whatever is necessary to bring up the value within inside ourselves.

I hope you found this blog of some value and that you share it with your network – Thanks + EGA



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